Thursday, March 1, 2012

KS design For Febuary

So I know this is late for any of my YouTube subbies ! I'm so sorry my internet has been down for almost three days now! So thanks for baring with me here as promised there is a list of products I  used on my mini.
As you guys know I made a mini for my great niece Gia she is three and I wanted to make her something that she could look back on. My niece Deanna Gia's mom loved it and was so surprised by it . She said that she always wanted to make Gia something like this but had no really artistic view. She thanked me tons, it felt good to have my work validated.
I have to thank Kat because her products added a little bit of extra spark to each page I created.I think
using Kat's embellishments added a personal look.Well Thanks for  stopping by, make sure to check out for all you felt embellishments.

List Of Products
1. Mini was from Kaiser Kafts
2. Paper line Prima a"Sasha" collection
3. Glue Fabric tack
4. Katscrappiness Camera KATS CAMERA
5. Katscrappiness Cloud KATS CLOUD
6. Katscrappiness White rose KATS ROSE
7.Katscrappiness White lace and felt flower KATS LACE FLOWER
8.Katscrappiness Pink 3d flower KATS PINK 3D FLOWER 
9.Mesh bling, wheat leaves and flowers from my local flea market
10. Sentiments from Me and MY BIG IDEAS 
That's it folks thanks for stopping by!