Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Weekend of Mystery

So I never make plans. I don't believe in them. I like to take things as they come, makes life a surprise. That is kind how the weekend was for me really just a series of random events. So Friday I went shopping. I went to Big lots and found some great stamps. From Hampton Arts and inkadinkadoo. They are all Acrylic And clear. I paid $2.00 each and I got three packs. I also got some really
nice stickers from "me and my big ideas". All in all I got some cool things from big lots. I also that day went to my local thrift stores and found 3D paint that was only $.99 which is awesome! I found that day as well was a paper trimmer from FISKERS. Which was a great find and was cheap I paid 1.99 for it and it is perfect. So that was my Friday day at night I watched a movie and passed out from all that shopping! So Saturday I got up early and decided to go to my local flea market. The sun was up and even though I went early before noon it still was really hot.

I went there looking for some flowers for a friend. I found them and on my search. I found some dollies and golden ribbon for like .50 cents. At another stand I found some pink lace and some tea pot stamps, for $1.50. I also found some crystal leaves in brown and clear. I love finding stuff at the flea market its always a miss or hit. Sometimes I found great things and sometimes I find nothing. Its actually really fun. I like the shuffle and hustle of it all. The funny people and the sweet smell of popcorn and corn dogs. As I left I got a lemonade and went on home to the nice air conditioner. Later that day on Saturday I went out once again with my fantastic mother. We went to Goodwill and I found Neocolor 11 In the box and almost new for $3.99 for 30 watercolors. I don't know if you know but those crayon water colors are extremely expensive so that was a steal! I also found a bunch of random stuff from lace to paper. I love all of it...

So  Sunday was such a nice day. My best friend Amber Invited me and Chris my fiancee to a little BBQ. At a friend house she was house sitting for. I didn't know what to expect of the place I never been before and was pleasantly surprised, this house was so gorgeous.Each room was so different and pretty like they put so much love into the home. I like how every house has a different vibe when you visit and this one was defiantly a good loving home. The couple that live there are friends of ours and I've only met them a handful of times I would have never guesses they had such a sweet place.
Anyways I loved their dogs too,Hugo, Henry, And Diesel. Silly animals, They are super silly for big dogs. I personally loved Henry I decided to call him prince Henry for the rest of the night.
Henry Is the Blonde, I took this picture just when the sun hit his face.
So we set some music outside to enjoy there nice June weather. It was a mix cd that was pretty good actually. It kinda set the mood for a relaxing night.
We cooked hot dogs and chips. Diesel the funny dog that he is stole a hotdog right off the plate. I couldn't believe how high he jumped to reach the hot dog. I had tons of fun in the sun. Our weather is crazy right now some days are sunny and some are raining like today it's raining really bad outside actually. Anyways back to my Sunday.. We ate  and joked and just plain old fun chitchat. We talked about what we want for our futures and our goals. As Chris and I know that we want to be married the rest is in the air. Even though I was having fun I kept telling myself  to not get a head of yourself take your time and live this moment and not plan the rest. I guess that's what I really took from our talks that night. I wish I could have just paused that day just to keep having that wonderful sunshine feeling of not knowing where I'm going. I like it actually.
It's just the little chaos that's okay for me. It keeps me motivated to keep searching for life's never ending mystery. I think that's why I'm drawn to art because it has a way of making it's way into everyday life. I like that art and beauty are the same thing.I feel like all I'm going though with all the seriousness of my life, art seems to be the answer. It can show me that things will get easier and all thing change, just like colors when they mix. Sometimes the colors are  messy and sometimes its perfect Just like everyday life.  As the night went on we made a fire.The out side got lite up by tinkle lights and the fire. I love the smell of wood burning. I was so comfortable outside at night I like to look at the stars even though in the city like mine its kinda hard to see. I don't mind to much though. Something about the night is is just so mysterious almost dangerous but I like the not knowing of what could happen when the sun goes down As I'm a night person, just always have been ever since I was a kid. We continue our talks and we roasted marshmallows. It was so nice that we said it was like camping. So Sunday we called  it our one night camping trip in the city's infinite  night. So there you have my mystery weekend. What can I say I live pretty random. :o)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Things we find in randaom places.

Just another Day of lost Bunnies

Today was a good day. I woke up to the California sun shining in my face. I could feel the warmth on my face through the window. I love waking up to the sun, it makes me feel like there is some kind of amazing opportunity out there just waiting for me to find it. As my day went on I got to see my mom. We went shopping, I love spending time with her. She always has some kind of fun story on how our day is going to end. We went to a local thrift store where I found some pretty seam binding in two colors, light blue and brown. I also found a aisle of bunnies.

I loved them so much and wanted to take them all home! I love the random things I find. I like to wonder where they came from and why they are there. I like to think that someone tossed it out,to make someone else happy. I think one day I'll donate a piece of my Art in hopes that someone buys it and that it makes them happy. I like that thought don't you?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Hi Welcome

I'm have decided to start a Blog, I'm very new to this so try and bare with me. I want my Blog to be a place were creative lives! So that will be my goal. So come join me on my Artful life as I try to find the beauty in everyday life.

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